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Clinical Hypnotherapy

What is Clinical Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnosis is an altered state of mind, similar to when we are meditating or day-dreaming.

In this state, we block out everything around us except for that single thought we focus on.

Clinical hypnotherapy empowers you to use your mind and thoughts to man~ge emotional distress (like anxiety, fear, stress), unpleasant physical symptoms (like pain, nausea), or to help you change certain habits or behaviours (like smoking, overeating).

In a Clinical hypnotherapy session, you are always in control and you cannot be made to do anything against your will. Typically a patient will require about 3-6 sessions (each session lasts from about 1 to 1 1/2 hrs).

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Mr Peter Terence D'cruz
Dip. Ch, BSCH (Assoc), EFT Prac, MSCH
Ms Lily Hor
PDCHyp, EFT Prac, BSc (Env), Member BSCH, MSCH, Affil. AFPM
( *Consultants are available from Mon to Sun )

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