Maternity Promotions

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Look at my baby

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We have a special promotion for you in conjunction with your pregnancy.

Please call us at 03-91013788 or Hp 013-3313313.

Packages include:

1. Nursing care for mother & baby
2. Labour room usage
3. Entonox will be given
4. Mother's room and baby's nursery
5. Routine medication
6. Electronic foetal monitoring during labour
7. Delivery charges
8. Baby care – Initial assessment by Paediatrician
9. Routine blood tests and injections for baby (Vitamin K, BCG & Hepatitis B – 1st dose)
10. Mother's meals

AND FREE access and usage of where you will get your own private personal album for you to upload and share photos of your family with friends and relatives.


Caesarean Delivery1 = Elective Caesarean on weekdays, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm only

Caesarean Delivery2 = Emergency Caesarean or case scheduled on weekends (Sat & Sun), Public holidays and non-office hours (before 9am or after 5pm)