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How I Reversed My Heart Disease

Patient Story Sharing by Mr Peter Terence D’Cruz


How I Reversed My Heart Disease

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While I was in my office about seven and a half years ago at the age of 49+, I developed light chest pain, slight giddiness, pain in my left arm and cold sweat. It was all the typical signs of an impending heart attack. 


I was rushed to the hospital emergency where I had an angioplasty done the next day. I had two 90% blocks in the major arteries of my heart. It was determined then that I was also a diabetic. 


I was put on several drugs, which I was told would be for the rest of my life. I quickly recovered and went back to my normal life. I was 20Kg overweight so I took take care of my diet to reduce to an ideal weight of 70Kg.


5 years later…


I began to feel some chest discomfort again and could not walk more than 50 meters without taking a break. On a regular hospital visit, I was told I needed immediate restenting or possibly bypass surgery, as I may have developed restenosis of my arteries that were significantly blocked. 


I was very upset, that I was faced with the same problem despite religiously following all the doctor’s instructions with diet, medication and exercise. I told the cardiologist that I had decided to take back control of my health and I refused admission, which was the last conversation I had with my cardiologist. 


I was quite depressed for a few days; however, I decided to explore other alternative methods of healing my heart disease. This was when I was introduced to the Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) by my GP doctor. This time I did extensive online research to verify if this machine was what it was made out to be by the doctor who enthusiastically encouraged me to pursue it. 


What I found was that this ECP machine was a well kept secret in the cardiology world since it is non-invasive, had a high success rate and a very much cheaper option than stents or open heart surgery.



Started on EECP


I started my EECP therapy in September 2011, remarkably in just two weeks, at about the 10th session, the pain went away and I was feeling very much better. 


In October 2011 after 35 sessions, I was back to normal and was running up three flights of stairs, something that was impossible for a long time. Apart from curing my heart disease EECP also improved my general health including an alert mind ease of urination and even my erectile dysfunction. 

In mid 2012, I visited a cardiologist in a specialist hospital and asked him to check my heart. After performing a stress echocardiogram on me, he told me that there was nothing wrong with my heart.


This EECP therapy has given me a new lease of life and I am lucky to not have any invasive procedure done that is not only expensive but also highly risky. I am now convinced that, diet, nutritional supplement program, and EECP can eliminate the need of the overwhelming majority for bypass operations. 


It certainly did for me.