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How Vacations Can Improve Health

Feeling stressed and wanting to go on a vacation? Then vacation is just what the doctor ordered! Let’s look at why you should go on vacations, not as though you need the extra reasons, right? But here is why we all deserve a vacation:

Undeniably, stress has a negative impact on health. Too much stress puts a strain on your body and this can lead to ill health. Although we need some stress in life, it is important to draw the line and take a time out. Studies show that the average blood pressure for those on holiday dropped by six per cent while the pressure of those working instead rise by two per cent over the same period. If you have been working too much and are feeling the stress, it is time to take a time out and go on a vacation. Give your body a chance to turn off the stress systems, recuperate and repair.

Couple on a beach
Couple on a beach

Because our bodies are “energy machines”, vacations can replenish the energy that the body expended. Studies have shown that there is an increased energy, feelings of life satisfaction and less general health complains after taking a vacation. Studies have also shown that people who do not go on vacations are vulnerable to diseases such as cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and premature coronary death.


Do you remember that feeling you get when planning or preparing for a holiday? That stressful feeling that overcomes you? Good news! That exact feeling is actually good for the body. Yes it is! It improves the frame of mind, lifting and improving mood. Your body needs to recover from everyday stress and that is just what vacations do. If you are always stressed, you may constantly have colds, headaches or get sick more often. Give your body a chance to relax, sleep and eat well. With proper nutrition, exercise and sleep, your cortisol or stress hormones are lowered significantly.

Though vacations only last for a few days or weeks, it gives you a chance to reconnect with your family, friends and recharge your body’s battery. Because it can boost your self-esteem, feelings of happiness, reduce emotional exhaustion and increase interest in work, keep going on vacations as frequent as you can. Just focus on the good time you are going to have! And when that is done, look forward to your next vacation.