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Pokemon Go Tips

Pokemon Go Tips

Pokemon Go Safety Tips

We know you need to catch ‘em all so while hunting for Pokemon outside your home, here are a few tips on staying safe and healthy:

  • Keep yourself hydrated. The Malaysian weather is hot & humid so while you’re out hunting for Pokemon and searching for Pokestops, ensure you have some supplies like water and energy bars to keep your strength up.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and exercise at the same time. Try an alternate mode of transportation instead of walking or driving, like riding a bicycle to help the environment and have a great work out simultaneously.
  • Stay focused on the road. Don’t endanger yourself or other Pokemon trainers while driving around. Turn on your signal when you need to stop, don’t make sudden stops and watch out for those on foot (they are having their head down and probably not looking at you!)
  • Ensure you have comfortable footwear because reaching one Pokestop just isn’t enough! Wearing appropriate footwear will help provide comfort to your feet and back while you’re on the go!
  • Take care of your skin while you’re out in the sun. Sufficient sunblock is good to have while you’re out stalking that Snorlax! 
  • Grab those sunglasses if you’re going to be spending long hours outdoor during the day, this would help to shield your eyes from too much sunlight and helps to reduce wrinkles around your eyes! 
  • If you’re sensitive to construction areas or dusty places, always have a face mask ready for use to avoid falling sick.
  • We know a Pokemon Trainer needs to give it their all to train the Pokemon to be the best that they can ever be, but ensure you have enough sleep each night so you can be energized for the hunt next day! Set a specific hunting time, and head to bed accordingly. 
  • Pokemon is a great way to achieve 10,000 steps per day (roughly about 8 km). Strap on a tracker like a pedometer, and you will be sure to go go go! Those Eggs will hatch in no time.

Have fun chasing all the Pokemon and also stay in good shape while you’re at it!