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Dr. Lee Ching Hong 李政鸿医生

Dr Lee Ching Hong

Assistant Professor Dr. Lee Ching Hong


MD (NTU), MS (Taiwan)

Consultant General Surgeon



Assistant Professor Dr. Lee Ching Hong  is a Consultant Surgeon. He started his surgical training in one of the renowned hospitals in Taipei after he graduated from National Taiwan University Medical College. Besides gastroenterology surgery, he has undergone sub- specialty training in breast and endocrine surgery as well. Upon returning to Malaysia, he completed his clinical attachment in various district hospitals for 4 years. As part of increasing public in health awareness, Assistant Professor Dr Lee successfully conducted breast cancer awareness campaigns in Johor and Negeri Sembilan. He has been a clinical lecturer at International Medical University and PU-RCSI while serving in Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Najihah and Hospital Putrajaya. He is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR).


李正鸿医生于国立台湾大学医学院毕业后就在台北的一间知名医院开始他的外科培训。除了肠胃手术,他也受训于乳腺和内分泌外科的专科训练。回到马来西亚以后,李医生分别在多间区域医院完成他的4年临床实习。李医生深感健康意识教育对公众非常重要,因此,他曾在柔佛和森美兰州成功的举办了乳腺癌宣传活动。与此同时,在他任职于Hospital Tuanku Ampuan NijahahHospital Putrajaya 时,也曾被委任于IMUPU-RCSI的临床讲师。