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Professor Dr. Yap Sook Fan

Professor Dr. Yap Sook Fan
MBBS (UM), MPath (UM), MRCPath (UK), SRCPath (UK), SRCPA (Australia), SASc (Malaysia), AM (Malaysia)

Consultant Pathologist

Professor Dr. Yap Sook Fan has over 29 years of teaching experience starting from 1981 in the Faculty of Medicine, UM. She pioneered in many areas – development of the in-house molecular-based assays for the detection of hepatitis B (HBV-DNA) and hepatitis C (HCV RNA) viral genomes, an in-vitro amplification assay for the rapid detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis in clinical specimens, genotyping facilities for hepatitis B and hepatitis C (research application), molecular based methods for genotyping of M Tuberculosis for epidemiological studies, and rapid detection of antibiotic resistance genes (rpoB) in M tuberculosis.

In clinical services, she initiated a follow-up service for chronic HBV carriers, provided HBV-DNA and HCV-RNA services,  developed prenatal diagnostic services for thalassaemia, established diagnostic facilities for the detection of mutations of Duchenne's muscular dystrophy, developed high resolution cytogenetics and molecular cytogenetics, and a biochemical genetics service.

Being an active researcher in basic sciences and pathology, she has authored or co-authored over 100 publications in both national and international peer-reviewed journals and books, with many research grants.