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World No Tobacco Day


Everyone knows that quitting smoking is no easy feat! In honour of World No Tobacco Day today, we would like to raise our hats to QUITTERS. Yes! In a world where winners are usually commemorated, SLMC wants to celebrate quitters instead. 

If you are an ex-smoker (a quitter), please tell us about your journey to stop smoking. Submit your story before 30 June 2016. 

How To Participate:
Step 1: Like our Fanpage.
Step 2: On our Campaign post, please submit your story by writing in the comment box. Story must answer the following questions:
a. When was your last cigarette/ When did you stop smoking?  
b. What approach or method did you choose? 
c. Difficulties/ challenges faced during the process of quitting; any withdrawal symptoms you experience.
d. Support you received during your journey. 
Step 3: Winners will be judged by a team of jury at SLMC (60% of total score). The remaining of the score (which is 40%) is determined by the number of likes your story receives on Facebook: For every 10 likes, you will receive 5% score; and you can receive a maximum of 40% score only. 
Step 4: Winner announcement will be made on 5 July 2016.

Exciting prizes await the most inspiring stories. 

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